3 essential tips for your first date conversation

So you’ve met this person online and you’ve agreed to meet up for a little drink, but you’re not that confident about talking to them when you actually meet face to face. Don’t worry you’re not the only one, in fact most people feel the same. It is easy to meet people online and it is simple to send messages to each other but when it comes down to the real thing then suddenly it all gets more difficult. How do you start the conversation, what do you say to make them have a good time with you? Let’s take a look shall we…

Tip#1 – Flirting online

Before you even meet face to face you need to do the preparation work, and what you will say to each other really depends on what sort of dating the two of you are going for. For example tells say you live in Kent. You’ve probably met that person via sites that specialise in Kent dating. You’re either meeting someone because you want a serious partner or you’re looking for a quick hook-up; and this will influence how you date goes. In either case a lot of the work will be dealt with when you’re originally meeting online. Get to know each other via messages, even better agree to Skype each other and you won’t have to meet with a total stranger. This makes that first date much easier as you already will know each other.

Tip#2 – First meetup

You don’t need to be nervous as long as you’ve been honest with that person about who you are in the first place. If your online dating profile picture looks like you and your profile says the truth then the person you’re meeting with will expect you to be the way you said you are. To make this simple: don’t lie on your dating profile and your date will go well. Whether you’re dating in London or even Devon dating,you only need to be yourself. Talk about what you want to do and what you like; and then ask your potential partner some questions about who they are and what they want. Any true conversation involves an exchange of ideas so don’t make monologues; rather make sentences that are open to the other person talking back to you.

Tip#3 – Politeness always wins

Most people appreciate when you show some confidence and you know what you want; but it doesn’t mean being rude. There is a fine line between being shy and rude; ideally you want to be somewhere in the middle. Being polite will make the other person feel at ease with you; which is what you want. The more relaxed you are with each other the more likely that first kiss will come! Just don’t overdo it; don’t apologise for everything and keep your nerves in check. Every time you don’t know what to say you can just listen to the other person speaking; and on the worst case just tell them that you don’t know what to say because you’re a bit nervous. The bottom line is that they most likely feel the same and they will appreciate your honesty.The more polite you are the better things will go. So be nice but know what you want, and try to have a good time as that’s all that matters in the early stages of dating.