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Quick Tips for Clubbing in London London is well-known for its unbeatable nightclub scene. But before hit it, check out some tips that will help you enjoy more and stay safe. Getting Tickets Prices of tickets to a club can range from free admission to a maximum of ?25 apiece, depending on the night of the week and, of course, the club itself. Usually, clubs will sell advance tickets in advance via a ticketing website, some local specialist record shops, and even certain specialist dance music websites. If you pay at the door, queuing can go from instant to up to an hour or even longer, depending on how big the event is. Paying at the door can take one minute to one hour or something longer, depending on the popularity of the event. Some clubs are cheaper for students on student nights, provided they can show a valid student ID.
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Operation Hours Unsurprisingly, London clubs are busiest Friday and Saturday nights. Most of them don’t open until 10pm and stay open until 4am – 6am. DJ Bars though tend to open much earlier and close much earlier as well. In London, clubbing on Sunday morning, afternoon or evening – called “afterparties” – has become very popular in the past few years. Save for a few really big events, these are generally not as busy as Friday or Saturday nights.
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Age Restrictions Clubs usually have a rule that blocks entry to those who are not at least 21 years old, though for certain events, this age limit is lowered to 18, which is also the legal age to buy alcohol. Then again, such rules are not always enforced, except when you obviously look younger than the required age. Dress Code Dress codes can vary from one place to another. If you go to a “music-oriented” club, they don’t usually care much what you wear. Jeans, trainers and shirts are common for guys, while gals are known to wear fancier outfits. Of course, on certain occasions calling for a specific dress theme – for example, Halloween – those who are inappropriately dressed will be restricted entry. In London, there are elite clubs known as West End clubs, and they are a lot stricter with everything, including age limits and the dress code. Safety While London clubs are safe in general, clubbers must take certain precautions for their own protection. For example, to avoid “spiking” – when someone puts a kind of drug into a drink without the knowledge of its owner – it’s best to completely avoid dealing with strangers. Girls are more vulnerable to this and must thus be on their guard. As well, in most of the clubs, there’s going to a cloakroom or coatcheck facility where guests can leave your coat and other stuff, but to avoid losses, it’s always good not to leave anything that’s valuable enough. The best option is just to avoid bringing any valuables in the first place.