Confident True Love Quotes to Guarantee You an Exquisite Life

A taste of love brings marvellous feelings. Here you will find exhilarating true love quotes that will elevate your love affair to a higher level. The quotes have been well written with an ultimate purpose of bringing together and embracing the love between the two lovebirds.

These quotes will aid you significantly in expressing your feelings in a very sexy way. We guarantee you that your loved ones will be very pleased when they receive a short message bearing one of these true love quotes. It will give them the assurance of your true love and serious intentions of care for them.

  1. True Love Quotes
  • When we fall in love, that doesn’t mean the person we are falling love with is perfect; it means we have mastered the art of seeing an imperfect person perfect.
  • Genuine love is concentrating on the many things that a person got right, and ignoring the minor things he made wrong .True love does not preserve books of wrongs.
  • You are the last thing I think of when I retire to my bed and the first thought when I open my eyes in the morning.
  • When you are with me, other things and people are non-existent. The only thing I need is time….
  • You come to reality of love when the person you love most hurts you so much, and only thing you can remember is the best moments you had with them
  • True love is appreciating other person’s weaknesses and even loving them more.
  • The number of days, weeks, or months you have been in love doesn’t matter, love is all about the intensity of love each extra day God gives you.
  1. Real Love Quotes
  • I am so grateful my love for making me feel like I’m the only angel in the universe.
  • Can’t help thinking about you, today…tomorrow…forever.
  • I loved you because you did one unique thing for me; loving me, I couldn’t do it for myself.
  • Being happy is not an ultimate goal for genuinely loving someone, but the ultimate goal of true love is knowing you can’t be happy without that person you love.


  1. One Love Quotes

Nowadays, finding a person that truly loves you is hard.Luckily you have found that person that is ready to share the love with you. Share these romantic my one true love quotes with him/her, and you will see your relationship thrive beautiful flowers planted along the river stream!

  • Always keep in mind true love never die away if it is not given in return. It dwells in the heart to cleanse and soften the soul.
  • I am so absolutely, ardently, scrumptiously, eye-popping, crushingly in love with YOU.
  • True love is faced with many obstacles; true love is triumphant and conquering all the impediments and being happy again with your loved one on the other side.
  • True love is when a man takes away your tears.