Designing Your Own Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is meant to symbolize the love you and your spouse have for each other. You want a wedding cake that will make your guests go ooh and aah as well as being delicious. You also want a wedding cake that reflects your personality. For example, if you love the color purple, you might a wedding cake that has a slight hint of this color in the fondant. Finding a wedding cake baker you like isn’t always easy. You need a baker who can help you figure out what the final product should look like before it’s finished. You also want a baker who can work under deadline and bring the cake to your wedding reception site even if the site is dozens of miles away.

The Basic Cake

Locating a wedding cake bakery near me often means speaking to a few bakers directly. Some bakers do a few wedding cakes a year. Others may do them more often. If you have a bakery you like, you can ask them if they will do a wedding cake just for you. Once you’ve decided on a wedding cake bakery, it’s time to think about the base of the cake, Cakes are available in all kinds of flavors. Your choices might include plain vanilla and chocolate or something a bit out of the ordinary likeĀ red velvet cake. You want the cake to taste really good so it can serve as a base. Many brides choose to combine two flavors in one cake so their guests can pick one they want to eat. For example, carrot cake and lemon cake can be paired in the same wedding cake for something guests don’t get to sample very often.

The Decoration

Once you’ve decided on the base, it’s time to think about decoration. You want a cake that looks great and goes with the theme of your wedding. You might want a cake that’s been dyed to match your bridesmaid dresses as a special tribute to your best friends. Lots of choices are available including using real flowers across the cake to bring a sense of romance. Your cake can be topped with figures of you and your groom as a symbol of your wedding day.

Working With a Baker

Working with a baker can be a lot of fun. Many bakers are creative people who love to show off what they can do with cake. A baker can also sketch out an idea that you might have such as a cake shaped like a car and then bring it to life. Your baker can also look at your own ideas and help you determine how best to make the cake look like that. A good baker will also demonstrate to you how they plan to transport your cake. This way you don’t have to worry it won’t be there at the end of your wedding. With their help, you’ll have the perfect wedding cake.