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Benefits of Online Counseling Privacy – The quality of service of online counseling is the same as that of offline counseling where you meet a counselor in an office to offer advice, but the only difference is that in online counseling you will not have the chance to know the therapist’s physical appearance. In offline counseling, you meet and talk with counselor one on one. It is quite uncomfortable suppose you meet your therapist in a social place and this is not only on your side, but the therapist also finds it uncomfortable. Online therapy offers a perfect solution to this problem by providing privacy so that you do not know who offers the services. Privacy enables you to talk openly to the counselor so that you problems are well solved. This method works well for many individuals because, at the end of the session, they can still maintain their dignity. The cost of service – It is no secret that online therapy is cheaper than offline or office counseling. Some therapists charge exorbitant consultation fees. Therefore, many people would prefer staying with their problems and rather utilize their money in other activities. Due to high costs of service, many people cannot make it to therapists but choose to stay with their problems.
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Online therapy is very cheap and affordable to many because there are no hidden costs which make consultation fee high for no proper reason. The price that you are charged does not include the rent of the office and secretarial services thus it is lower than that of offline therapy. Online counseling is the best way to go. It is the best, especially during these harsh economic times.
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Comfort – For you to consult your therapist, you only need a PC and access to the internet. Therefore, with these available, you can access online therapy at your convenience from anywhere and at any time you feel appropriate for you. Convenience and Time – There is time restriction in office counseling whereby you are given a fixed time with the therapist. In the real sense, the set time is usually not enough to explain everything to the therapist. However, online counseling does not have the time restriction or schedules. You have the liberty to take as long as you want to communicate with the therapist with no time schedules. The quality of Service – Time is very vital in consultations. As much as you get time to express your concerns, the therapist will also have adequate time to formulate responses which are well thought and helpful to you. You can place a high degree of reliance on the online response because the therapist has made them with an ample time and well thought. It is clear that online counseling has numerous advantages and it is advisable to choose this option which is likely to result in positive results. You will have an opportunity to get affordable services, ample consultation time, and convenience and also maintain your dignity.