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Most of us are using and driving different types of vehicles in our everyday lives, and vehicles are described as products that are manufactured and designed to transport goods, animals, and the people to their destination. There are a lot of different kinds of vehicles, and that includes land vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles, buses, trucks, wagons, car or automobile, trams, trains and RV or trailer; aircrafts such as spacecraft, airplane, chopper, and helicopter; and water vehicles or watercrafts such as boats, submarines and ships. A product of the automotive industry that is designed as a wheeled and self-powered motor vehicle is called as an automobile or car, and it is recognized as one of the most widely used vehicles in every parts of the globe. A watercraft that ranges in different sizes is a boat, and such is designed to work, to travel, to plane and to float on water, such as on inland waterway like rivers and lakes and in coastal areas that are protected. A recreational vehicle, which is shortened as RV, is a type of motor vehicle which is designed to be equipped with amenities and space for the living that are mostly found in residential houses, and some other terms used by the people that refers to the said vehicle are camper van, caravan and motorhome.

Each and every kinds of vehicle are people’s major investment, and it is important to provide them with proper care and maintenance to preserve the exposed surfaces of the vehicle, as well as its value. Vehicle detailing is basically described as the performance or the practice of thorough or intensive restoration, finishing and cleaning of the different types of vehicles with the basic purpose of creating or producing a show-quality level of detail of the said product, and that include the vehicle’s exterior and interior part. Vehicle detailing is broken down into two primary categories, namely the interior cabin and the exterior, and each areas have their own specific products and services designed by the detailers. Exterior detailing includes the act of restoring, cleaning, and even exceeding the supposedly original condition of the exterior surface of a vehicle, and that includes the paint and finish of a vehicle, windows, wheels, tires, chrome trim, and any other components of a vehicle that are visible to the people. The common services and techniques used by the detailers in exterior detailing are most commonly based on the condition of its surface, the type of its surface, and the detailer’s preferences, and the common products used are brushes, detail clay, drying towels, applicators, waxes and polishes, acid free degreasers and detergents. Interior detailing includes the act of cleaning deeply the whole interior cabin of a vehicle, and some of the common techniques and products used in the said area are liquid and foam chemicals, brushes, polisher, vacuuming, and steam cleaning. The people who wants to find the best company that offers exterior and interior detailing services of vehicles in their local area can locate them through the print ads of the said company, through the use of the internet, or through the recommendations of colleagues, friends, and families.

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