Make This Summer Hotter with Your Style

If you are one of those people who dread summer and hate being sweaty and sticky then you certainly need some inspiration. There is no better opportunity to update your wardrobe with all the latest designs and clothes than when every outlet has a huge assortment of summer outfits for you.  For any person with a very fashion forward approach, it is easy to be well-informed about the latest trends. However, if you have no clue in terms of the summer outfits that you can wear this season, this style guide will help you achieve that. Following are the ideas that will spice up your summer adventures with the perfect attire:

Two Piece Outfits:

There is no doubt that 2 piece suits are a summer staple and should be in your summer collection. The tops usually have halter, keyhole, scoop and square necklines while the bottom is usually a pair of shorts, a mini skirt or trouser pants. Not only would this outfit keep you cool during the summer, but also have you show off your legs, neck and even your waist. Anyone aspiring for a sexy look can have multiple designs of these outfits and wear them on any casual day or for a fun night out.


When it comes to swimsuits, the style has taken a complete 180-degree turn as compared to casual clothes. Due to the recent hype created by the Baywatch movie and many celebs uploading their pictures in their swimming clothes, the focus has shifted from two-piece bikinis to one-piece suits. With new designs and innovative cuts, people are now more prone to be trying out this swimming wear and flaunt their curvy bodies.


When it comes to barbecues, pool parties and summer events in general, the rule of thumb to follow is dress light and comfortable. This year yet again, floral prints and chevron dresses take the lead in being the most widely available. However, other dresses also include midi dress, apron dress, and seersucker dresses. All these are usually light, comfortable and airy. They allow the wearer to be able to move freely and the fabric does not let anyone feel hot. On the other hand, a maxi dress with a floral print has continued its popularity from the last few years and is still very widely prevalent in ladies.


Despite floral and chevron being the main print of the year, you can also choose simpler tops for your summer days. A light fabric, monotone top can provide you a comfortable look and still let you be fashion savvy. Among the wide range of styles available in tops, cut out sleeves and off shoulder tops are the most dominant style among women this summer. Tunic tops with prints can also be worn on any casual day paired with a jeans shorts or pants and are perfect for moms and women of older ages.


Just like the tops, the skirts have a huge range to choose from this summer. Striped cotton skirts and jeans skirts have been more popular with the younger generation. However, someone who is looking for a simpler option, go with nude and light colors this summer with an A-line, asymmetric or pleated cuts.  The skirts can give you a fresh, young and flirty look.

On the other hand, shorts have stayed around this year as well. Even though there isn’t any variety of material in this clothing item, the item is popular among the younger generation.

Jeans this summer have gotten more defining of your body curves and high waist jeans can be worn with any kind of top tucked inside.


Shoes play a vital role in making the complete look flawless. Summers are usually the time for strappy sandals with platform heels or gladiator sandals. Although platform heels usually have had ankle straps attached to them but the trend has recently been seen on closed shoes which may be worn on formal occasions.

Summer has always been an extravaganza of colors and light fabrics and this year many of last year’s styles have remained. So if you are worried about buying everything new, then you can always look into your closet for an older clothing item and reuse it this summer while you enjoy the weather.