Stepping Up The Food Basket

Trying to get a gift for an employer or someone else who works in your business can sometimes be a challenge. You don’t want to spend too much money because you don’t want the person to think you’re trying to be a favorite. On the other hand, you don’t want to get something that looks inexpensive and that doesn’t have a lot of thought behind the gift. A food basket is among the many corporate gift ideas that are easy to make and that can be customized for any age and any likes or dislikes.

You usually can’t go wrong with a basket that has wine and a few gxlasses or extravagant coffees and mugs. If you enjoy crafts, then consider adding initials or a nice design to the outside of the glasses and mugs so that it’s a personalized gift that you can’t get in a store. Chocolates are another gift idea to consider. Belgian chocolate is a nice treat to get along with a few dark and white chocolates. Decorate the outside of a white basket with a red cloth that hands over the edges.

Aside from a traditional baking basket, consider a basket that has the tools and ingredients to make a bundt cake or another kind of cake that is a bit more detailed. Use a bundt pan as the basket with gray and white dishcloths, gray utensils, and ingredients in a clear jar that are needed to make the cake.

If you know the person likes to enjoy a drink once in a while, then get a large clear container so that you can put a few small bottles of different alcoholic beverages inside. Include a bottle opener as well as a few recipes to make tasty Christmas beverages using the alcohols that are in the container.