thirteen.7 Date And Time Functions

The calendar date is a selected day of a calendar 12 months, recognized by its ordinal number within a calendar month inside that year. The returned value (0 = Sunday, 1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday, 3 = Wednesday, four = Thursday, 5 = Friday, 6 = Saturday) represents the day of the week that contains or begins with the instant in time represented by this Date object, as interpreted within the native time zone.

Now the date entered is the PHP time (that accounts for DST) and we are comparing it to PHP time so all is effectively. Use Date 1 for the beginning date of publication (chronological designation) and Date 2 for the ending date. The paste is beneficial for each adults and kids, particularly throughout a time of restoration from harm or illness. Returns the variety of milliseconds since January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 GMT represented by this Date object. If you cross an out-of-range date to UNIX_TIMESTAMP() , it returns zero. The valid vary of values is identical as for the TIMESTAMP information type: ‘1970-01-01 00:00:01.000000’ UTC to ‘2038-01-19 03:14:07.999999’ UTC. I wanted an event rely by week with the date of the beginning of the week, assuming the week starts Monday. Sets this Date object to signify a time limit that’s time milliseconds after January 1, 1970 00:00:00 GMT.

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It boils down to subtracting yr of beginning from the current year (or whatever 12 months you’re calculating age at) after which subtractiing 1 if the topic’s birth date is after the the date of the calculation within the calendar 12 months of the date of calculation.