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Why Canadian Parents Opt for the Registered Education Savings Plan for Their Children Are you one of the myriad Canadian parents who intend to pursue and continue the college education of your kids? Are you confused on how you can be able to fund their costly college education? Should you be one of them, then the best thing that you can do is to take into account the RESP. Should you be interested to learn more about RESP, its benefits and requirements, then the best thing that you can do is to peruse this article further. We cannot deny the reality that the university education and tuition of our children constantly increased along the passage of time. It holds true not only in Canada but as well as the other nations worldwide. Research shows that more than ninety-three percent of Canadian parents have the intention of continuing and pursuing the college education of their children. Nonetheless, with the constant rise of college tuition fees, books and the college students’ living expenses, there are already lots of parents who are doubtful if they can still pursue the college education of their children. Eventhough, college education is considered as the key to ensuring their bright future but the college education costs are astronomical. Data reveals that the annual college education costs is projected to rise by as much as three or four times. Are you worried on how you can fund your child’s college education? Should you be one of them, then you are advised to save as early as now by investing in the Registered Education Savings Plans.
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Registered Education Savings Plan is one savings tool that allows Canadian parents to save early for their kids’ college education costs. It is deemed as the most effectual way for parents to ensure the future of their children. By means of the Registered Education Savings Plan, parents can benefit from the government’s Canada Education Savings Grant. It was also found that each child in Canada has the eligibility in receiving approximately twenty percent from the government’s educational funds to increase their RESPs. For example, when a Canadian parent put up $100, they can obtain $20 additional from the government. It was also found that the families who belong to the poor-income bracket can obtain as much as 40% of CESG bonus. Children can only get CESG if they have RESP! Apart from the ones detailed previously, what are the other advantages showcased by the RESP? 1. Parents have no limit on their annual RESP contributions. 2. Parents’ maximum lifetime contribution for the RESP of their children is $50,000. 3. The contributions of parents for RESP aren’t taxable. 4. When your children are already qualified for either the full-time or part-time government educational program, then you are given permission to contribute to the RESP fund, that can be utilize birthdays and Christmas. What are you waiting for, invest and save for the future of your children by purchasing RESP now!